M83 "Moonchild"

Melancholic Kaleidoscop


"It is not meant to be"

Jolly Kaleidoscop

SWANS "Lunacy"

Kaleidoscop Of Fear



They say that emotions conveyed by music are directly derived from mathematical relationships in the intervals between the notes. What does this mean? The key word here is “interval”. An interval is simply the distance between two notes. Another thing is really interesting with music: Human ear need repetition or a reflection to enjoy and to memorize a melody or a rhythm. That repetition called « A Pattern »


This is why I thought about Kaleidoscopes. Because for me, they represent those two concepts. « pattern » and « reflection ». Music, kaleidoscopes and right colours can express intense emotions. With this project I wanted to represent 3 great human émotions: Melancholia, Happiness and Fear, and I tried to find good

tracks and colours to do it.